Samsung UN55D8000 Review

lectronics store have probably run across Samsung’s D8000 series sometime or another. It’s kind of hard to miss, due in no small part to its almost non-existent bezel and wafer-thin dimensions. In fact, we’ve come to find the D8000 is like the Medusa of TVs. You can’t not look at it and, once you do, you get stuck there staring at it, mouth agape, likely for hours on end. Here’s the rub, though: Anything that draws that much attention to itself is just begging for scrutiny. One is more likely to notice the little imperfections that can go overlooked on a less-than-captivating display. Hey, that’s the price you pay for being marvelously good looking. More

Roku introduces $50 LT model with support for HBO GO

Starting in November, Roku will offer a new budget-friendly set-top box called the Roku LT, which will cost customers only $50. The streaming company is also adding support for HBO GO.


LightSquared says LTE network interference with GPS solved

LightSquared SkyTerra 1

LightSquared says it’ll solve its satellite-assisted 4G  LTE network interfering with GPS reception by shifting to a different 10MHz frequency block. More

Apple announces ‘revolutionary’ Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X, Apples newly-released editing software, is made to save time, easily organize data and offer robust post-production capabilities. More

Mozilla releases Firefox 5

Firefox Logo (shadow)

Yes, it’s only been three months since Firefox 4 hit the streets – you’re already behind. More

Red Pop gives your iPhone an easy-to-use camera button

If you’ve ever wished that your iPhone 4 had a big, easy shutter release button like a real camera, you’re in luck. The Red Pop attachment gives your iPhone the button you’ve always wanted and a good solid grip. More

Windows 8 features explained: What’s new and how it works



Microsoft has taken the lid off of Windows 8, a radical departure from the last 15 years of Windows operating systems. We go in depth and dissect everything we’ve learned about Microsoft’s gamble thus far. More

Imagining the next-generation gaming experience

3d Gaming PC

Cross-platform gaming experiences, in-game commerce that spills into reality and fully realized 3D herald the beginning of a new generation for gaming. More

Netflix adds support for Motorola Droid and Casio Commando phones


Netflix keeps plugging away at Android, adding support for two more handsets: the Motorola Droid and Casio Commando. More

E-readers vs. tablets: Why they’re two different beasts

Barnes & Noble Nook angle

Rob Enderle gives his take on the never ending e-reader versus tablet discussion and wonders why Barnes & Noble mislead consumers. More

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