The Hangover Part II Review

Hangover 2 Poster

Director Todd Phillips’ The Hangover Part II might not be big on originality, but it makes up for it in laughs. More

Top 10 summer movies we hope don’t suck

Captain America Avenger

Bring your popcorn and prepare for a summer spent in the luxury of the air-conditioned movie theaters, as we count down our top 10 most anticipated movies of the 2011 summer. More

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review


The fourth film in the franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides delivers all the requisite action ingredients, but without the spark of life that animated its more successful predecessors. More

The Beaver review

Mel Gibson returns to the screen with the help of director and actor Jodie Foster in The Beaver, a movie that begins as a lighthearted family film, then quickly becomes deeply disturbing and badly paced. More

Thor Review

Review: Marvel Entertainment scores once again with director Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, who took what was arguably the riskiest of the Marvel properties, and made a movie that was better than it had any right to be. More

Fast Five Review

Fast Five Review

Review: Director Justin Lin and a cast spanning the last five Fast and Furious movies combine to bring us the best in the series with Fast Five. More

The Greeks take on a Titan in the upcoming Immortals

Trailer: In the upcoming film Immortals, the Titan Hyperion goes to war with mankind, and the hero Theseus is the only hope for humanity and the Gods. More

X-Men: First Class debuts a new trailer

Trailer: In one month and fifty years ago, the X-Men: First Class return to the theaters to join the Cold War. More

Schwarzenegger to reprise his role as the Terminator

The former governor returns to his acting roots, and has announced that his first full time, post-political acting role will be in a new Terminator film directed by Justin Lin. More

Water for Elephants Review


Review: Water for Elephants is a sort of comeback film for Reese Witherspoon and a coming out film for Robert Pattinson, but will it do the trick? More

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