Top Ten Emerging Economies In The World

Our world is changing very swiftly but silently. What we have on top of list today will not last there for many years. The change is being taking place both on business world as well as on political fronts. Europe is become EU, china is getting stronger and stronger followed by India. In the other end USA has seen a decline in its international rating. Wow!!!  how swiftly economical scene is changing itself. According to leading economists in the world, there are approximately 28 emerging economies in the world.  Economies in Brazil, China and India are regarded as the largest in the world today. Below are the top ten emerging economies in the world.  More

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Why is Rain thinking about changing his signature?


Will iCloud be the new iTunes? : A pre-WWDC assessment

The buzz surrounding Apple’s WWDC announcements has reached a fevered pitch. And it is iCloud, the new music streaming/cloud storage service, that has everyone talking. So, what exactly is iCloud?


Syrian government enacts countrywide internet black out


The Syrian government has cut all internet service countrywide in an attempt to curb organization among protesters. More

HP EliteBook 8560p Review

It’s hard to do better than HP’s industrial-strength EliteBook 8560p for brute processing power, comfortable, hard-wearing controls and durability. More

Microsoft teases Mango: Our complete list of upcoming Windows Phone features


Microsoft gave us our first glimpse at some of the features in its upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone 7, due out before the end of the year. Angry Birds, new deep linking Live Agents, augmented reality, and actual multitasking are among the enhancements. More

Google exec: We want Apple’s iPhone to succeed


Forget the smartphone wars: According to Google executive Daniel Alegre, success of Apple’s iPhone and other iOS devices is a key part of Google’s revenue strategy. More

LG and China Mobile may adopt MeeGo, the platform Nokia abandoned


LG, China Mobile, ZTE, and others have been in talks to develop smartphones and tablets based on the open source MeeGo operating system. The same OS that Nokia recently left in favor of Windows Phone. More

Gigabyte planning dual-boot Windows/Android tablets

Gigabyte S1010 Windows tablet

Hoping for the best of two worlds in one tablet? Gigabyte says its tablet plans include a model that can dual-boot Windows and Android. More

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