Apple announces ‘revolutionary’ Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X, Apples newly-released editing software, is made to save time, easily organize data and offer robust post-production capabilities. More

iPhone 5 to get redesign, announcement in August?

iPhone 5

Forget the iPhone 4S: The latest reports say a next-gen, iPhone 5 is in our midst and could be announced as early as August. More

Red Pop gives your iPhone an easy-to-use camera button

If you’ve ever wished that your iPhone 4 had a big, easy shutter release button like a real camera, you’re in luck. The Red Pop attachment gives your iPhone the button you’ve always wanted and a good solid grip. More

‘Leaked’ iOS 5 image shows notification bar, Twitter integration

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will soon take the stage at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco to reveal the new iOS 5. But this leaked image may provide a sneak peak into the software’s newest features.


Kno textbook app released for iPad


Kno may have ditched its tablet plans, but the digital textbook dealer has a new iPad app that offers huge discounts for students. More

Automatic app updates likely with Apple’s iOS 5



According to a note which appeared briefly on a page on Apple’s iTunes, automatic app updates could be coming to Apple’s iOS 5. More

Apple launches iWork for iPhone, iPod touch


Mere days ahead of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (June 6), Cupertino has announced its iWork software suite for iPhone and iPod touch. More

Apple’s MacDefender patch checks for new variants daily

Mac OS X Snow Leopard w/MacBook

Apple has released Security Update 2011-003 to deal with MacDefender malware…and it phones home every day to see if any new variants have emerged. More

Apple’s cloud music service scans user’s iTunes library for content, sources say

Apple cloud

Apple’s cloud-based music streaming service will reportedly scan each user’s music library and then populate their streaming playlist with mirrored content, regardless of whether or not the source material comes from the iTunes Store. More

Best iPhone 4 Cases

Grove Artist Series Case on Blue

We round up the best iPhone 4 cases on the market so you can protect your phone and fix your reception at the same time. More

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