Red Pop gives your iPhone an easy-to-use camera button

If you’ve ever wished that your iPhone 4 had a big, easy shutter release button like a real camera, you’re in luck. The Red Pop attachment gives your iPhone the button you’ve always wanted and a good solid grip.

Ever since the iPhone came on the market, there has been an infatuation with the photo-taking-and-sharing capabilities of the Apple smartphone. An entire Internet subculture is now based around social photo-sharing from the iPhone like Instagram, Hipstamatic, Flickr, Twitter, and more. Many users have ditched their compact cameras altogether because their iPhones are always easily on-hand to capture everyday moments and snapshots. Better yet, you get to instantly share the photo wherever you choose and get feedback from friends and other users. The one seemingly universal complaint about the camera function is that the iPhone does not have a dedicated camera button. It’s hard to be snap-happy when you have to use your finger on a screen to click the shutter.

While Steve Jobs has now made talk that iOS 5 will allow users to use the volume button as a shutter release, the Red Pop attachment ($75) takes a bolder approach. The aluminum attachment isn’t tiny, but it will give your iPhone 4 the nice grippy feel of a real camera. Did we forget to mention the large, bright red button that is begging you to press it every chance you get? While this little accessory is too clunky for some, it will no doubt be a fun addition for camera-loving iPhone 4 users. The Red Pop is available for pre-order now.

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