Nyan cat viral video gets inside heads of viewers

nyan cat

A video of a Nyan cat has gone viral, though some viewers may find it hard to work out why.

It may have taken the Internet by storm, but it’s just gone and taken my brain by storm too. I’m talking about thenon-stop Nyan cat video.

Beware – this viral video will quickly embed itself into your head; the repetitive tune will continue to ring in your ears for a considerable period of time after you’ve banished it from your browser; the awful block graphics will imprint themselves onto your retinae. The truth is, you may never be the same again.

We’ve got a guy called Huy Hong to thank for this video. On his website is a picture of a cat – is this the Nyan cat? Anyway, the question isn’t so much, “What is a Nyan cat?” but more “How can this Nyan cat video have become such a hit?”

Within seconds of arriving at the Nyan cat webpage, your hand-eye coordination will be tested to the hilt. Instant panic is assured. You won’t know whether to look away, go for the power switch to execute an instant shutdown, or grab the mouse and “lower the volume.” Yes, sure, go for the “lower the volume” button and just see what happens….

The video even times how many seconds you manage to “Nyan” for, and you can tweet your score too. To enjoyendure the Nyan cat video, click here (at your own risk). It can be viewed in English, Catalan, Japanese and, of course, Nyan.


source : digitaltrends.com

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