Glenn Beck launches, a Groupon clone and pyramid scheme


Glenn Beck’s Fox News show may be ending, but his desire for cash is not. The conspiracy theorist has launched one of the trendiest types of Websites around, a Groupon-style deals site with pyramid scheme attributes.

Sometimes markets are at their best before they crash. Realizing that he’s missing out on a boatload of easy cash, Glenn Beck has launched his own social coupon site to compete with Groupon, Living Social, Google Deals, and the many other deal sites that seem to be manifesting out of thin air. Owned by Beck’s Mercury Digital Labs, will allow Beck to “save our country” by getting his fans to participate in what appears to be one pyramid scheme of a deals site.

Here’s how it works: Glenn Beck picks a product and puts it up on the site. The first product is a $20 box of chocolates for $10. However, if you recruit 10 friends to join, then you can get the chocolates (or whatever the deal is, presumably) for free. Then, if they each recruit 10 friends, they can get the chocolates for free too! It’s like a giant free chocolate party for all, but mostly for Glenn Beck because most of you will fail to find enough friends to get your free item.

Beck describes his new way to monetize his fans in the holiest of ways: “Markdown is a way for people to connect with companies and products that respect their values, and respect their hard-earned dollars,” said Beck (via PC Mag). ”If we want to save our country, we have to save ourselves, which means we have to align ourselves with things that are true, and I think we have an opportunity to save people money and unite with each other and create something new, with real value, to help. If I can create something of worth, and be able to with that, help others, to enrich or enhance their lives, I think we’ve done a good thing.”

The site’s About page is smarmier still, further trying to paint this coupon site as more of a duty than a money making business. “ is a different kind of e-commerce site.  Sure, we care about revenue and profit, but we care about honesty and integrity just as much.  We believe in value, but we also believe in values—the idea that we should be guided by a set of principles that transcends money,” the site reads. Before you get the wrong idea though, please remember that “all sales are final.”

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