Best iPhone 4 Cases

Grove Artist Series Case on Blue

We round up the best iPhone 4 cases on the market so you can protect your phone and fix your reception at the same time.

So you bought an iPhone 4. You’re officially in the cool club of phones now, but the next step is deciding what to wrap around that beloved item of tech to keep it from breaking. The aluminum and glass design of the phone makes it look great, but disaster can strike if you drop it on a hard surface without a case. To prevent that from happening, we’ve rounded up a few of the best iPhone 4 cases out there so you can choose an appropriate and stylish form of protection.

Incase Perforated Slider Case ($35)

Incase Perforated Slider Case

We like this case for both its form and function. The slider case design from Incase comes in two pieces that slide together to provide 360-degree edge protection for your iPhone. That design is a giant step up in protection from the typical snap-on cases, which leave some areas exposed. We also like the minimalist perforated look, which comes in white or black and makes the case extremely slim and lightweight.

Grove Artist Series Case ($99)

Grove iPhone 4 Artist Series Case

For those who like to show off their creative side, Grove offers a beautiful handmade bamboo case that can be customized with almost any design. The case has a two-piece slider design for solid protection and a new black bezel that keeps the front of your phone clean-looking but still protected from falls. Pick between two wood colors and upload your own design or choose from a selection of creations by other artists.

Lifeproof Case ($70)

Lifeproof iPhone 4 Case

In an amazing feat of protection, the Lifeproof case will keep your iPhone 4 safe from water, dirt, dust, snow, ice, and shock. Usually ultra-protective cases are more bulk than they are worth, but this case only adds an extra 1.5mm to your phone. The fully-sealed case was designed to military specifications and even allows users to take their iPhone 4 underwater to 6.6 feet. An optional adapter for waterproof headphones means you can literally take your phone anywhere.

Case-Mate Egg Case ($25)

Case-Mate Egg Case

This simple silicone case uses tiny raised points, like an egg crate, to offer better fall protection and a textured feel. The case covers all edges of your iPhone but offers access to all the important ports and button protection as well. The fun case comes in black and clear, as well as bright blue and red.

monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case ($50)

monCarbone Hovercoat Carbon Fiber Case

This case is perfect for those who want scratch-resistant protection, but still want to keep their iPhone 4 as slim and sleek as possible. This case is made with real carbon fiber, which makes it extremely thin and lightweight. The Hovercoat weighs in at only 8 grams and adds a mere 0.6mm to the iPhone 4. Because it has a snap-on design, this case won’t provide the 360-degree protection of other cases, but it’s a great pick for users who aren’t prone to dropping their phone all the time. The case is available in a glossy finish or a stealth matte version.

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