ZE:A’s Kwanghee shares a photo he took with Lee Hyori

Remember when ZE:A’s Kwanghee interviewed Lee Hyori for a special segment on MBC’s “Section TV: Entertainment News“? He also took a cute photo with the diva to commemorate the event.

Kwanghee tweeted the picture on May 8th with the caption: “Today, the interview with Hyori-noona was aired! I made a lot of mistakes because I was nervous, but because of noona it came out in a fun way. Also, I took a photo with Hyori noona~! Looking at my face, I’m smiling too much”.

In the photo, Kwanghee is seen making his signature ‘crescent-moon eye smile’, which Lee Hyori matches with her brilliant smile.

Charmed by the warm photo, netizens wrote, “The two are really similar”, “Cute Kwanghee, pretty Hyori”, and “Both of their smiles are charming”.

source : allkpop.com

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