Mobee Magic Bar makes Apple keyboard charging wireless

Keep your Apple keyboard and magic trackpad charged without batteries with the Mobee Magic Bar.

If you have an Apple desktop, chances are you use the accompanying slim aluminum Bluetooth keyboard or have also upgraded to a Magic Trackpad. The biggest downfall of the sleek keyboard is that it eats up batteries like nobody’s business. Yes, real, actual, old-fashioned batteries. God forbid the batteries run out just minutes before that eBay listing ends or while you are having an important conversation via IM, then you have a real problem. Mobee has created a charging solution for the keyboard and Magic Trackpad that seamlessly blends with the Apple aesthetic. The Mobee Magic Bar ($TBA) slides onto your keyboard to keep it wirelessly charged without the use of any batteries. The ‘battery’ pack that connects to your keyboard can be charged via any USB cable, eliminating the need for any real batteries. We’re not sure if the effort to charge the charger will make this device worthwhile, but at the very least it is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to keep your keyboard working. Tossing countless AA batteries into the trash certainly isn’t doing mother nature any good. Adding to its eco-friendliness, the Magic Bar is made from aluminum just like your keyboard, and is recyclable. The device should be available for pre-order in the next month with a release date in June.

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