Killspencer iPhone 4 Black Veil gives your phone an edgy, dark style

This sleek black iPhone 4 cover from Killspencer is made from Birdseye maple wood veneer and is handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Killspencer is at it again adding edgy, sophisticated, monochromatic style to our tech gear. This time they bring some dark style to the iPhone 4 with a unique peel and stick cover made from wood. The Black Veil ($20) gets its striking black look from locally-sourced black Birdseye maple wood veneer, giving the case a dark finish and beautiful soft wood grain. The Black Veil is made to order and is handcrafted in the Killspencer workshop in Los Angeles. The peel-and-stick cover won’t give you as much protection as a full case, but the aluminum back of your iPhone 4 will be protected from scratches and we’re betting the wood veneer does alright in a fall as well. You might not be so lucky if you drop your phone on its glass face, but hey, at least it will look good face down on your floor.

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