Movie Review: My Black Mini Dress

Korea’s 2011 box office hit “My Black Mini Dress” will be making its way to the CGV Cinemas in Los Angeles on  April 22nd. Yesterday, I got a chance to view the pre-screening of the film in order to present you all with this movie review.

“My Black Mini Dress” revolves around the story of four friends who are all 24-year-old recent college graduates. Yoo Min (Yoon Eun Hye) is a hopeful writer who lands a job at the bottom rung of a broadcasting company. Min Hee (Yoo In Na) dreams of becoming a fashion designer but ends up in a basic English language class amongst high schoolers in order to pass her TOEFL exam. Then there are Soo Jin (Cha Ye Ryun) and Hye Ji (Park Han Byul). While Soo Jin is struggling to make her acting debut, failing countless auditions, Hye Ji randomly gets scouted and achieved instant fame, but struggles to get acknowledged by her peers in the industry. The four girls’ close friendship is tested as they face the harsh realities of life.

While the core cast of the movie  is star-studded on its own, this film also has an all-star supporting lineup, including Chun Soo KyungLee Yong WooChoi Yoon Young, and U-KISS’s Dongho. It also features short cameos by actors Lee Chun Hee and Kim Kwang Gyu. For all the Kiss Me’s out there, Dongho stars as a high school student in Min Hee’s English class. Although there aren’t many, most of Dongho’s lines are in English.


“My Black Mini Dress” is cross between two popular American chick flicks, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and “Sex and the City“, as all three films revolve around the friendship of four unique girls. While “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is about teens in high school and “Sex and the City” is about women in their late 30s/early 40s, “My Black  Mini Dress” is situated right in between with girls in their post-college mid 20s. The hardships that the girls of “My Black Mini Dress” have to face are very similar to those that occur in the aforementioned American films as well; parental divorce, men, sex, pregnancy scares, jealousy, death, and most importantly holding tight to their friendship amidst the trials and tribulations.

“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”, “Sex and the City”, and “My Black Mini Dress” all seem to follow the same ultimate chick flick formula: four unique characters each with their own style, who are the best of friends, a story of their individual battles in life, and the special support system that they have. Therefore, if you liked any of the prior mentioned movies, or if you are fan of chick flicks in general, I recommend this film.


NOTE: Unfortunately, “My Black Mini Dress” will not be shown with English subtitles.

Check out the movie posters, movie stills, trailer, and music videos below!

 Official Movie Trailer

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