Wooden puzzle stand converts your laptop to ergonomic desktop

This bamboo stand makes working at your desk with a laptop easier and more ergonomic, all the while keeping it cool.

Having a slim laptop is great for portability, convenience, working on your computer in bed, etc. But if you actually have room to spread out on a desk, the ergonomics of your laptop are less than ideal. If you like your laptop just fine, but prefer to have a mouse and keyboard setup at your desk, this unique wooden stand is a quick and simple fix. The Bamboo Laptop Stand by Green Tuna Design (about $92) uses two laser-cut pieces to hold your laptop in perfect viewing position and keep it from overheating. The clever design perfectly cradles any size laptop (the two pieces are independent of each other) and has holes for cord management to keep things neat and tidy. The unique shape even allows for storage of your keyboard when not in use. If you use your laptop at home or work with an alternate monitor, the stand can be flipped upright to store your laptop in very little space and keep it cool. The stand is crafted from sustainable bamboo and has a 100% natural coating. On a design note, the bamboo has a beautiful look and goes well with clean Apple products as shown in the photo.


Source : http://www.digitaltrends.com


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