Nike Hair-itage Player Tees pay tribute to the greats of MLB facial hair

Show off your MLB fan status with a shirt showcasing your favorite player’s distinctive haircut, mustache, or sideburns.

While graphic tees aren’t exactly the height of style once you’ve reached adulthood, there’s no shame in having a few in your closet, especially if they are as visually clever as this series from Nike. The Nike Hair-itage Player Tees($20, and yes they really used that pun) feature simple drawings of famous baseball players with the finest signature haircuts, mustaches, and goatees. Cast in the player’s team colors, each shirt is a guessing game that might stump even the most devoted MLB fan. Or maybe not, these mullets and sideburns are about as distinctive as hair styles get. Grab one of your favorite player and see if anyone can guess whose famous but undrawn mug belongs on your shirt. Fun game, right? The shirts are 100-percent cotton and are available in 16 different players from various MLB teams.


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