Bookseat combines bookshelf with wooden chair

This creative design combines a bookshelf with a chair, for those of us who still care about real books.

Despite the popularization of the KindleNook, and iPad, we know that some of you still like the feel of paper and ink under your fingertips. While there is nostalgia in paper books, and they are undoubtedly better for your eyes and showing off your reading prowess, they aren’t so great when it comes to saving space. Having walls lined with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves is rather old-school, so why not integrate your book storage with a seating option? Designed with multi-functional modern spaces in mind, the Bookseat ($TBA) combines bookshelf storage with a curved wood chair for sitting. Whether you actually live in a small apartment or just like the looks of this wacky, creative invention, the Bookseat will be a functional conversation piece that will last at least until paper books are obsolete. While there is currently only an e-mail address to contact about pre-ordering, the chair will be locally-sourced and handcrafted at the Fishtnk Studio and workshop in Toronto, Canada. The chair will be available with a felt cushion in various colors, as well as a limited-edition leather cushion.


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