Nexus Silent Mouse makes incessant clicking obsolete

This little mouse from Nexus uses patented technology to eliminate that awful clicking noise.

With so many jobs (namely, ours) that have people sitting at computers all day, it’s no wonder that the clicking noise that little mouse makes drives some people up the wall. If you’d prefer to make the clicking come to an end, Nexus has come to the rescue with the new Silent Mouse ($28) that makes little to no noise as you go about your day. The 2.4G wireless optical mouse connects to your computer and uses patented Silent Switch technology to keep the mouse seen but not heard. The ergonomic mouse is suitable for both desktop and laptop use and has a scroller that is also as quiet as possible. The mouse also uses 1000/1600 DPI selection for alternating between speed when necessary and slower accuracy. The sleek mouse is available in black with a rubberized finish or white with a glossy finish, for those who want a silent upgrade to their Apple configuration. The Nexus Silent Mouse seems like a pretty handy design for those who work in quiet environments or who want to banish the incessant clicking. Now if only they made a silent keyboard.


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