Hublot Big Bang White Caviar Watch makes ceramic look good

This all-white watch from Hublot was crafted in ceramic to look like beveled baguette diamonds.

Luxury watch innovators Hublot are releasing a sophisticated all-white version of their Caviar Watch, and if you like a touch of bright white in your spring and summer wardrobe, this timepiece would be the perfect accessory. The stark Big Bang White Caviar Watch ($TBA, but most likely a small fortune) is entirely white, with the small exception of silver screws and hands, and made of ceramic material. The ceramic material is ideal for watch-making as it is 30 percent lighter than steel and 100 percent scratch-proof, anti-allergenic, and rustproof. The design itself was inspired by the famous One Million $ Black Caviar watch with ceramic reliefs designed and cut to look like baguette diamonds. The bright white watch comes in a diameter of 41 mm with automatic mechanical movement HUB1112. Rock this watch (or a similar, more affordable one, shhhh) around the office or neighborhood and you might even become a trendsetter.


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