4G BlackBerry PlayBook coming to Sprint this summer


The first officially publicized release date for the PlayBook is here, and Sprint will be adding the 4G tablet to its lineup this summer.

RIM keeps touting all the impressive bells and whistles of the PlayBook, but we’ve yet to hear a release date — until today. The BlackBerry 4G PlayBook is now live on Sprint’s website, and it will launch this summer. Last we heard, the tablet would cost $499.99 and be here by late April. There’s now some speculation the PlayBook will try to steal some of the iPhone 5’s thunder with a launch in June, giving you a few reasons to make your calendars. Of course, this could just be when the PlayBook debuts with Sprint, and (fingers crossed) its’ initial launch could be a mere month away. But if you’re a Sprint customer and anxiously awaiting the PlayBook’s premiere, the carrier’s site has an option for you to sign up and receive breaking news on the tablet.

With a launch looming in the foreseeable future, we still have a slew of PlayBook questions that require answers. Will it feature access to Android apps? Will we get a preview peek at its iTunes rival? Have the battery issue rumors finally been put to rest?

BlackBerry will also show off the tablet at CTIA this week. Check back to see if we get a look at it and see if anything’s been enhanced since CES.


Original Post : http://www.digitaltrends.com

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