Did Taeyeon sport too much makeup?

Even the most beautiful stars have a moment where their makeup throws off their fans. SNSD’sTaeyeon became a hot topic on various community portals after a picture of her wearing thick makeup was uploaded. 

Many feel that Taeyeon’s attractive qualities lie not only in her vocal talents, but also with her small figure  and cute image. However, in this picture, Taeyeon shows off a more womanly side to herself by emphasizing darker colors than usual.

Taeyeon is also seen with a foxy smirk, which deviates from her usual bright smile.

Netizens posted various reactions to the picture: “It’s a fact that people change with time..When she first debuted, she was cute and fresh. Now, Taeyeon has become a lot more womanly and glamorous”,Taenggu, [this] uncle likes a Taenggu without a lot of makeup”, “Who made cute Taeyeon like this?”,and “Taeyeon, did you try putting on makeup by yourself?”

What do you think about Taeyeon’s look here?


Original Post : http://www.allkpop.com


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