The Best iPod and iPhone Speaker Docks


We round up the top 10 best iPod and iPhone speaker docks.

How do you like to listen to your music? Do you like to wedge a giant boom-boxesque system on your shoulder and trounce around town like Young MC? Or do you prefer to the soft serenity of a classical melody while you sip wine and read a good book? Whether you prefer the first or the latter, or anything else in between, we have a list for you. We’ve rounded up our picks for the best iPod and iPhone Speaker Dock Systems of 2009. This versatile list has a little something for everybody.

Kanto SYD 5



Do you love listening to music? No we mean really love listening to music—like the bass blasting, floor trembling pseudo earthquake style listening to music? If so, this may be the iPod docking station for you. The Kanto SYD 5 iPod and iPhone Speaker System delivers audiophile-grade sound with bass and treble adjustment, multiple auxiliary inputs and a supplemental AC outlet.


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