Big Bang Interview, “5 Different People with 1 Mind”

BIGBANG’s 4th mini album, “TONIGHT” has entered Billboard Chart 6 days ago. BIGBANG was interviewed by the local media in the YG Entertainment headquarter, ‘Our music is popular globally, like in the U.S and Europe and we have also entered iTunes Music Chart. We are making Korean music to be known internationally.’   

After 5 years of their debut, they want to show the changes in their music. G-Dragon who was in charge of the melody and lyrics composition of the album said, “This is the process that we have to undergo to be matured. We are transforming from idols into musicians. And I want to make genuine music like C’est Si Bon.”

After doing their solo activities for more than 2 years, BIGBANG is embarking on a new journey with a greater power compared to the past. But there is something different with them, just like the content of their Intro song,‘Thank you and you’. They are burdened with the limitations of the local music industry, faced with grievances from others and have greater responsibility as a senior group.

In order to produce the mini album ‘TONIGHT’, they have observed the international music trend and decided to combine digital and analogue music. This is because digital music is popular in Korea while analogue sweeps over the overseas market. Thus, it explains the term ‘Digilogue’ (digital+ analogue).

G-Dragon and Taeyang stated, “We are bored with mere digital sound and we think that fans should think so too. We don’t want to create music which is similar to others. In order to break the gourd, we decided to combine it with analogue music which is popular overseas. The music is like what we can easily come in contact with nowadays but the melody and lyrics belong to the genre of analogue.

Last year, there were so many bad things happening thus; we want to warm and heal people’s heart with our music. We want to leave a mark in your hearts. You can spot out the gradually amplifying acoustic guitar sound against the background of strong digital sound. In the prelude of ‘Café’, guitar, drum and piano are all used. This song has the lyrics which are easy to understand and the melody can convey the sentiment well too.”

Seungri added, “Our music known no boundaries, ranging from Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Punk, Bossa nova and Rock. Different genres weave in our music which makes it popular among people from age 10s to 40s.’ The success of their music lies in their individuality.”

G Dragon said, “Daesung likes Jazz and Urban Sound, Taeyang is into R&B and Hip Hop, Seungri prefer POP while TOP knows about Hip Hop, Classical Music and Jazz. For me, the music that I have been listening to varies from time to time. When I was producing this album, I was listening to N.E.R.D and I have also added the elements that each member likes into it hence, it conveys a feeling that all of us have been collaborating with each other.’’

Taeyang stated, “Although we like different genres, we have the same love towards music. No matter what kind of music we are producing, this love will never change.”

The dreams of being as successful as ‘Rolling Stones’ in 60’s:

The members have their own goals in the future. The average life span of an idol group if about 5-6 years, we want to know how they resolve their differences.

Taeyang and Daesung said, “The problems are not easy to be resolved. After working with each other for 5- 6 years, a mindset has already been established in the team hence, we solve our disagreement through conversation.”

And later, BIGBANG’s music direction and activities may change gradually for them to achieve their dream, just like the movie, ‘Shine a Light’ which tells us the story about Rolling Stones. They want to do music like their seniors, namely Cho Yong Nam, Song Chang Sik and ‘C’est Si Bon’.

G-Dragon also stated, “We really enjoy listening to the music of these seniors. Present generations are so lucky to have seniors like C’est Si Bon. I also listen to their music online nowadays since they are my memories.”

Taeyang also added, “‘C’est Si Bon senior made real music. I want to be as successful as him in 40 years time.”

G Dragon chimed in, “Cho Yong Nam Senior still go to concerts, and every elderly would want to be as free as him.”

Also shoulder the responsibility of being a singer:

The mini album is also well-received internationally but in Korea, being singers and musicians, they face many difficulties in their working environment too. The situation is different their working environment in Japan.

G-Dragon said, “As idols, we are too busy preparing for our stage performances so we are only left with little time in producing our music. It is also expected that the quality of our music will be decreased too. We, ourselves, don’t like that kind of production as well since it will reduce our passion and motivation in producing good music. If we do so, the fans would give up in supporting us too. It is the harsh fact for the singers who want to enthral the audience on the stage.”

Taeyang stated, “Instead of the problems between singers and the companies, I think that the showbiz structural problem should be focused on. However, I prefer discussing the problem actively rather than grumbling, and he continued on, “Regarding the conflicts that they (YG) had with Music bank, we still want to put forth our qualms. Since there are junior singers in the showbiz now, we think that we should voice out our opinions.”

G-Dragon also stated, “It seems that there is a certain standard for idols. You have to wear luxurious clothes, and smile broadly with the same set of choreography in a group of 5-6 members. However, the duo that was formed by T.O.P and I happened because we share similar style and we performed on the stage freely. We have set up an example of how a group can be, right? We can break away from the standard pattern.”

They expect to release a new album during the second half of the year and they will also collaborate with world class producers. They told us, “We will show you the amazing fruits of our hard work.”

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