Official Polaroid app for iPhone released

iPhone Screenshot 1

The retro cam comes to the iPhone with Polaroid’s new app, but there seem to be some early kinks to work out.

Could this be the year Polaroid makes a comeback? That’s probably wishful thinking, but it’s sure finding a way to stay relevant. In an age where digital everything has nearly made the word manual obsolete, the auto-print camera is keeping with the times. 

Polaroid has released an official app for the iPhone with the help of developer LoL Software.   It features over 30 filters and of course, that classic Polaroid border in various colors. Naturally, the app automatically uploads your photos to Facebook – so it’s a new version of the instant gratification Polaroid has always delivered. And if you take Polaroids of the private variety (hint: don’t do that with a phone), you have the option of turning the Facebook auto-upload off. There’s also the ability to actually print your Polaroids, since it supports AirPrint.

Here’s where there’s some confusion though. It’s listed in the iTunes store a couple times, once as $2.49 and once as $1.99. It’s supposed to work with all iOS devices running 3.0 or later, but when we searched for it on an iPhone 3G, we only saw the $1.99 option. We’d show you some of the photos it takes, but after attempting to install the app it continuously crashed. One rating on iTunes at the moment echoes this: “Crashes…is this an inside joke by Polaroid..?” Let us know if you’re having similar issues.

UPDATE: We got the $1.99 app to install on the iPhone 4G successfully, but found it a little slow. It’s also supposed to auto-upload to Facebook, but the function was either extremely slow or not working. It continues to crash on the iPhone 3G, and the $2.49 app is still missing from the App Store on both phones.




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